Are you looking for a job as a seaman? If you already have plenty of experience in inland shipping, you’ve risen to able seaman, and you are looking for a new challenge in inland shipping with the guarantee of good working conditions, then working for DAVANT MARITIME SERVICES is certainly something for you!

Job description

DAVANT MARITIME SERVICES is always looking for experienced seamen to fill job openings in Rhine and Inland shipping. As an able seaman, with all your knowledge and experience, you are expected to be able to work independently on all shipboard duties.

As an able seaman on an inland shipping vessel, you carry out various duties and are the person who assists the captain in work on the ship. Duties include providing support during loading and unloading, and maintenance jobs such as repairs, sanding, painting and rust removal, and cleaning the ship. You also help with berthing and unberthing the ship (fastening and loosening ropes). You also strive to prevent accidents and emergencies, take prescribed safety measures seriously and always wear the necessary work clothing and protection equipment.


To work in inland shipping you need certain qualities. To work in inland shipping you need to be able to handle stress. You need to be flexible, a good communicator, handy and in good physical condition. You must be a hard worker, and of course you should like inland shipping and have no problems working outside a lot.

  • You need to have an Able Seaman service record;
  • You need to be willing to learn and able to work independently;
  • You must be able to handle being away from home for long periods;
  • You should preferably have a driving licence.

What we offer

With regard to pay, DAVANT MARITIME SERVICES, offers at least the minimum wage set by the Inland Shipping Collective Labour Agreement (CLA). The cost of travel and food/accommodation on board is also compensated. Of course if you work via DAVANT MARITIME SERVICES you will also have opportunities to go on training programs and courses. We like to maintain a long-term and stable relationship with our employees. We want to provide optimum guidance and offer you every opportunity to continue growing and learning in your career

What else do we have to offer:

  • Professional training opportunities;
  • Fast processing of administrative data by DAVANT MARITIME SERVICES;
  • Compensation of travel, food and accommodation costs for personnel;
  • Work clothing/company clothing for personnel (PPE).


DAVANT MARITIME SERVICES is looking for personnel with an interest in and affinity for inland shipping. Maybe you’ve worked on ships before and would like to come back to the work, or maybe you are just getting started. If so, we can do something for each other. Are you interested? Would you like to know more?

Phone us on: +31 85 02 15 738 or send your motivation and curriculum vitae to Once we have received your application we will contact you for an intake and introductory interview.