DAVANT MARITIME SERVICES is a maritime agency focused on crewing and manning inland and maritime vessels operating worldwide and in EU internal waters. Our strengths are personal attention, careful selection and ongoing development of our personnel. In our organisation we know everyone personally, both clients and employees.

We understand the staffing needs of inland shipping

Based close to Rotterdam, the largest port in Europe, we ensure rigorous selection of qualified personnel from The Netherlands and other European countries.

DAVANT MARITIME SERVICES has been active in shipping since 2010 and operates in accordance with Maritime Labour Convention (MLC) and ISO 9001:2015 quality management certificate.

Having extensive maritime experience under our belt, we perfectly understand the needs of both shipping companies and seafarers. We ensure that our employees undergo comprehensive training and complete appropriate courses improving the services we provide to our customers.

Over the years, we have built trusting relationships with our clients and secured many enduring partnerships. Any shortcomings that occur can be positively resolved with the help of our professional awareness and competence.

Are you looking for shipping personnel?

Click HERE to contact DAVANT MARITIME SERVICES. We are located in Numansdorp and we focus long-standing beneficial relationships with excellent communication and mutual understanding.


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